Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hard to believe, in a way, that another year has turned, and yet, it's never unexpected. I mean, after all, time passes, right? That's what it does.

2010 was one of those years.

One way to look at the year shows it plagued with bad things. Well, maybe not bad, per say, but hard things. Yeah, that's it. It was a year that held hard things.

We had a fire. We had a wreck. We gave up Little One because it was the right thing to do.

There were a lot of hard things. Always even, things that don't make it to the blog and are just within our own life here.

But that would miss the point.

This was also a fantastic year.

We had 2 boys go out for sports we didn't expect and found them to both enjoy each sport. We stayed employed. Despite some "moments" we had relative good health for all of us. We finally took our trip to Disney.

Our biggest 2010 event?

We adopted Little Miss. She became ours and we, hers.


For always.

And as we got ready, all bleary eyed from travel and vacation, to ring in the new year, The Mr. said, "Here's to 2011 being a year of more adoptions."

Guess we'll see where the ride takes us next.

I hope it leads us down the path of poured out for Him. Obedient to His calls, His asks.

I hope at the end of 2011 I feel as rich and full as I do right now, looking back over 2010.