Monday, January 3, 2011

Well Now, Didn't Expect That, Thank You FaceBook

All day I came back to the blank draft and thought, well, it's the new year, it's Monday and where's the words. Not like me at all to have nothing to put down here and yet, that's how it was.

But then, the evening took an unexpected turn because I said yes to a prompt.

This is going to be a very interesting year. Bittersweet as always, challenges and joys. I can almost see them coming over the horizon line.

We're already facing challenge. Our furnace quit on New Years Day. It's cobbled together and we'll be getting a new one. We're in the hunt to find the replacement van.

Relationships all around me are dancing to their own unique music and some that have been subdued are now turning up the volume a bit. Others left playing in a room alone have opened a door and a tiny bit of their melody is drifting through to me.

Looking ahead, I have great hope.

I will work hard. The project list is long and my motivation is already dull. Maybe one the words for this year will be persist. It's too early to tell.

Maybe it's faith. Not the easy kind, but the blind kind.

Who knows.

I do know, that I have hope looking forward.

And hope always leads to love.

And loving is being alive.