Monday, February 7, 2011

I've Been Thinking

There has been much made lately of the subtle differences in life.

For example, there is a distinct difference between a choice and a decision.  One is something done easily and lightly, simply, like cheese or pepperoni.  The other done with measure and weight, bearing significance, like choosing a marriage partner.  You can read one blog about it here.  Another subtle but key distinction in life is perspective.  There are always different ways to see something, optimist or realist or pessimist, but always a choice in which lens you decide to look through.  A few more good blogs on perspective, here and here.  Then I read a book that ever so vaguely touched on the difference between being grateful and thankful.  For example, you can be grateful for change brought into your life by cancer, but you would most likely not be thankful for having cancer.  Along about the same time I started reading over at A Holy Experience and she often touches on being thankful.  I haven't yet read her book, but it's on my wish list for the near future.

All this said to say, I'm borrowing today and going with the theme of thankful.

And because this is my first day of thanks, I'll be starting at 1.

1.  A snoring dog to sit with while I read.
2.  A family sleepy with the joy of a Packer Win.
3.  Quiet spaces in my days and nights.
4.  Ice cold Diet Coke in my fridge, warm rooms and reliable dryers.
5.  Hot showers and stiff, sore muscles.
6.  Blankets and fresh snow.

Now, leave your list here or on your own blog, but go visit A Holy Experience and get the button and also let them know you're playing too.