Friday, March 11, 2011

Rambling Thoughts

First, if you don't know this blog, A Holy Experience, go there.  I don't have words to describe it or how it effects me.  Be sure you put the sound on too.  Something about the total experience, the words, the photos, the music; leaves me speechless.  That should tell you something.  I am almost never at a loss for words.

I will be busy this week.  Our house is full.  The Mr. and I are delighted.  We have our three, Little Mr., Littlest Mr. and Little Miss.  We have Chicklet.  I have no category for her except that of deep heart belonging.  She is in the becoming.  Not quite adult, not teen.  She is old soul and innocence rolled in one. We have Peaches and Princess and Little Man.  They belong to my friend and her Mr. and yet, they are my own.  I feel a certain level of responsibility towards them because I know in a way, they wouldn't be where they are if I hadn't whispered--or maybe challenged--you can do this, I know you can, and I'm here walking it with you.  And so here we are. 

I kissed seven foreheads goodnight and whispered "I love you baby" into the dark seven times over sleeping faces before crawling in next to The Mr.  As I rolled into him, he stirred, he asked me, "It's all good?"
"Yeah, baby, it's all good."

And as I sit here this morning at my kitchen table desk, littered with the marks of 9 people eating breakfast and getting out the door on time, I'm undone.  The sun is brilliant across the snow, blinding me inside my home.  My lukewarm coffee is between my arms as I type with fingers numbed by carpel tunnel.  And it's all good.  The dishes are piled high and the floors need to be cleaned yet again.  My heart is tugged by Lent devotions and Bible passages and beautiful music.  And it is good.  The brilliance that resides in the exhaustion of this life is good, my friends.  It is so very good. 

The Mr. and I are planning a vacation.  I think we've finally decided on Vegas.  Vegas during Holy week.  Yeah, my life rolls like that and it's all good.  Sun and rest is high on my list.  Eating and reading and writing and a drink or two.  A certain peace and restoration.  I know, in Vegas?  But tranquil is where you look for it sometimes.

My family room is redone beautifully, thanks to Chicklet's little brother, The Drummer.  He's a delight and did a fantastic job.  I'm almost done with putting it all back together.  It is a small slice of beautiful right in my own space.  He worked hard at something brand new to him and did a job well worth being proud of. 

I am almost to the end of the first massive rewrite of the November NaNoWriMo novel for those of you keeping track.  I have about 150 pages to go of reading and rewriting and adding in.  I'll begin a more solid defined edit process after I am finished with this part.  I am still writing for my children's lit class and still blogging away, just in case you wonder about that.

I think that brings me around to the end of my wandering thoughts for the moment.