Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hmm, so NaBloPoMo asked if you had a favorite actor or actress and if you'd watch anything they were in just because they were in it.

Well, as I've said before, I'm not much of a movie watcher or TV for that matter.  So it's a little bit hard for me to say.

I think right now, I'd have to go with Johnny Depp, just because I've been on a Pirate movie bender lately. 

Would I watch anything he was in?  Well, probably if I could do it with minimal effort, meaning the movies show up with none of my own doing and I can lay on my big sofa in my pj's and watch it guilt free.  And cause, frankly, he's nice to look at.  I think I'm old and married enough to be able to say that without consequence.

I'm not much of a celebrity follower.  Mostly I have no idea who anyone is or what movies or shows they've been in. 

Maybe I'm just not observant or maybe I just don't care that much.  Maybe I'm not all that impressed.  I mean, I like a good story, so in turn I'm learning to like a good movie, but who I like in the movie is usually the character, not the actor.  I mean, yes, they do a good job and that impacts how much you like the character they play, but in the end, they're just playing pretend for you to watch. 

It's cool.  But weird.