Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Final Hour

So I pledged to blog daily for the month of June.  It's deadline time.  I'm down to the last hour. 

I like a deadline, so this one is upon me.

It's been a busy day.

I've been out being a fan.

It's a baseball tournament weekend.  That means Littlest Mr. is playing. 

There were two games today.  There is one tomorrow.

We are the team that looses every game but has a lot of spunk. 

Today was hot and sunny.  That means the fans have sunburns.  It means we're all tired from sitting outside.  You know, that whole fresh air outdoors thing.

It was also Little Miss's 5th birthday.  She got some great gifts and had cup cakes, so essentially life is complete.

The thing I'm the biggest fan of right now, is knowing I'll be sleeping in tomorrow morning.

How are you being a fan of your kids this weekend?