Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Food

It has just come to my attention that today is National Watermelon Day.

I discovered this while my mouth was full of the delicious pink stuff.  I had been cutting one up for dinner and thinking it was time for a food blog.  When I flipped on the screen, up popped National Watermelon Day. 

This summer we've been averaging one big melon about every two days.  Now, by big, I mean the old fashioned oval shape ones.  The ones that take two hands to lift, not those cutesy round ones.  Those little bowling ball melons are a lunch serving for us or maybe a snack. 

Watermelon has been a summer food staple for us. 

One of us cuts it up into bite size chunks and we sit the bowl on the counter or table in the late afternoon.  By bed time, it's more than half gone.  By lunch the next day, there's not a bite left.

One of our other summer staples this year has been guacamole.  A real simple version of it.  Avocados, sweet onion, garlic, lime juice and salt.  Easy.  We easily eat a bowl a day around here.

It goes on scrambled veggies and eggs for breakfast.  It gets spread in our meat and veggie wraps at lunch.  At dinner it tops whatever meat we're having.  This summer has been chicken, burgers, fish and steaks. 

Sometimes we eat it with chips, but not often--we're off the grains again these days.  I've seen it on salads too.  It's perfect for dipping with pepper strips or carrots or zucchini rounds. 


Frozen fruit smoothies wrap up our summer staples.  We make them with fresh and frozen fruit.  Sometimes some fresh made yogurt and a little honey.  We sneak in a certain leafy green when little eyes aren't looking.  I've even heard talk of a spoon full of peanut butter or two. 

So now, I'm curious, what are your summer staple foods?  What are you putting on the table meal after meal this summer?