Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life In The Blogosphere

A bloggy friend and I were talking yesterday about, of all things, blogging. 

I know,  I know, the wild life I lead.  Kind of makes you jealous now doesn't it?

Anyway.  The quip of the night was:

"Blogs are the land of good intentions and 20/20 hindsight."

Here's what I meant. 

When we writers blog about our lives or our opinions or whatever, we're putting our best forward.  We put out our best takes on what really happened, or our most persuasive arguments on our personal ideals. 

Or even when we're telling you about something "negative" we're selling it in a way, trying to make our experience a little extra valuable to you the reader by making ourselves, our lives, the modern day "Every Man". 

When we blog about life that's already happened, we blog it in a way that is seen with 20/20 hind sight.  We've taken the time to look back and reflect and find the lesson or the story or the ah ha in that experience and we're telling it to you, story teller style with our best efforts to capture and keep you dear reader.

All those challenges we issue and calls to action we champion are really part for you and a big part of pep talk to ourselves.  They are born out of our own self discovery and self examinations. 

We bloggers are really a combination of observationists and story tellers. 

Now, I don't "reveal" us bloggers in a way to say we don't have value and don't read what we write, not at all.  We're like any other writer or reporter.  We tell you our truth, through our lives and our experiences.  We spin the stories with great hopes of it touching your lives, impacting them, maybe even changing them for the better.

So there's your slice of what life is really like in the blogosphere.