Monday, September 5, 2011

Back To School

In sticking with the theme of Return this month in the NaBloPoMo challenge I'm going to go with the prompt offered. 

The question is "What was your favorite part of returning to school?"

The best part of returning to school for me, was the new supplies. 

There was nothing more perfect than virgin crayons,unbroken and fresh.  That pink erraser with no pencil smudges on it.  The smell of a new pencil being sharpened for the first time.  Brand new notebooks and folders, unmarred and free of all that classroom grafitti.  A new classroom.  A new teacher.  A new desk or locker. 

Remember that feeling if you were one of the lucky classes to get to use a brand new issue of text book?  How cool it was to be putting your name on line number one and write NEW under book condition?  

Those were the best parts of returning to school for me.  What were your best parts?