Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 Days, Still Returning To Blog

Today's NaBloPoMo is: "How do you feel when you return home at the end of the day?"

That's an interesting kind of question for me, one I wouldn't typically be able to answer without some bending of the question because I do all my work right here at my home desk.  I don't normally have a day that comes to an end with me return home from somewhere.


I was away for the weekend. 

So I'll tell you about that returning home at the end of the day.  It was the end of the day.  Almost 7:30.  The kids were in their wind down from the weekend get ready for school tomorrow kind of mode. 

I want to paint a picture of a great warm welcome and a happy glow in my heart and all that jazz, but it wasn't.  At least not on my part.

I was tired.  My 6 hour drive was really a lot closer to 7+.  Holiday traffic.  No big deal.

My family was glad to see me, but my mind was on the tasks ahead.  Getting ready for the next school day, meant checking the backpacks and getting everyone in bed.

I was hungry.  My family left me part of dinner and yet all I could see was a junky fridge and plates in the sink.  Never mind that they cleaned all the bathrooms for me while I was away, I saw tooth paste in the sink.

As I got ready to go to bed, way early for me, my mind wasn't on the comfort of my bed--and believe me, after a concrete floor, the bed was comfy! I was thinking of our up stairs bed room, the one that keeps on transitioning kids in an out.  I was thinking of those kids.

Today I returned home a number of times, all after doing junky stuff, like waiting in line at DMV, to return to junky tasks like cleaning the fridge. 

Sometimes a return is a special amazing thing, sometimes, it's a just plain ordinary every day moment.