Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Do You See?

"What do you see when you first walk in the door at home?"

That's the prompt today from NaBloPoMo

This is a question that makes me a little unhappy I guess. 

I only come into my house through the garage door.  So I enter my house through our laundry room/back hall. 

That means what I first see is a huge pile of messy chaotic junk.  There is always laundry and shoes and coats and backpacks.  Sports equipment and dog stuff and the shelf where The Mr. and I put our stuff when we come in, like purses and brief cases. 

Then after I trip my way through that pile, I come into our family kitchen area.  It's where we eat casually everyday, not our dining room.  That's a big busy table.  It's always full of papers and homework and things to be mailed and some meal item that never got put away. 

Then it's onto the busiest room in our house. The kitchen.  The counter top that is mostly an eat at bar, is always full of papers to be handled, art supplies, school and homework stuff, snack foods, used cups and so on. 

My entry path into my house is chaotic and messy.  I feel bad about it because I know I'm supposed to be better at being disciplined and organized and neat for myself and my family.