Thursday, September 8, 2011

NaBloPoMo is focused on Return this month and I'm working hard to meet the daily challenge.  Mostly I'm taking the challenge this month to get back on the blogging train and get back in the daily writing habit.  It's good for me and make the NaNoWriMo easier in November.

Today's prompt is about home decor.  If you could return the decorations in a room of your home what would that be?

A truly silly question for me because I don't have any rooms in my home "decorated." 

I'm on my second house and am finally getting the walls painted something other than Realtor white.  Even that is slow going.  I'm lazy and hire The Drummer, Chicklet's little brother, to do the work for me.  He does excellent work, but I'm not in much of a rush to get it done, so usually a room gets painted when he's looking for some cash.

My house has never been "decorated".  Once in my life, while apartment dwelling and before kids, I tried to do the home decor thing.  I went to those home shows and bought the stuff.  I hung it up and so I guess in a way it was decorated, but it kind of felt like playing house instead of me. 

My rooms now are all just filled up with the things that flavor our lives.  Each one of us has our "stuff" that reflects our passions and who we are. That stuff is dispersed through the house in a sort of random cluttered up lived in way. 

I hope our home is welcoming and warm, even with it's stuff.  I hope that people come to see us and not our mess.  I like to believe it's a normal mess.  Toddler toys and a little dog fur.  Sports equipment and book stacks.  Drawings and princess dolls.  Computers and journals and coffee cups.  Pens.  Our home is covered in pens. 

Between writers and artists, we are covered in pens and pencils and markers and crayons and anything that could possibly write or draw or mark paper.  We are also a paper family.  We love our paper.  For drawing and printing and writing.  There are piles of papers and drawings scattered everywhere.  There are stacks of journals and notebooks and legal pads, all with ideas sketched in them.  There are prayer journals and personal journals and Bible journals. 

Then there are the books.  Shelves of books.  Stacks of books.  Books in chests and drawers and cabinets.  Books under chairs and on top of the fridge. 

I guess in a way, we do have decor.  It's just not a home magazine kind of decor.  It's more of a snap shot of who are family is than a style we'd like to show off. 

I'd love to say I envy other people's homes that are decorated just so, or that I look at those magazines and think oh, I want my house to look like that, but sadly, no.  I don't even really notice. Once in a while I might notice your furniture, but more often than not, I can't tell you a thing about your house, not even what color it was inside the room.  I just don't have eyes for that sort of thing.  I could tell you if it was cozy or not, warm or cold, dark or light.  I could tell you if there was a smell or how I felt being in that room, but I couldn't tell you if your end tables matched or all your furniture was the same style.  I couldn't tell you what was on the walls or windows. 

I'm strange that way. 

I guess in the end, I wouldn't return anything about my home, because my home is where my family is who they are, and I like them just as they are.