Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mary Jane

Once upon a time, there was a boy. This boy was no ordinary boy, but a real boy. This boy is a very loving boy. He likes to love girls(if you know what I mean). He often went to public events just to find girls to "love". One day, he went to a concert, planning on finding a beautiful girl to "love", but at the end of the night, he realized something...He realized that he never found any girls. He thought to himself, "Oh my gosh, my life is over, I didn't find a girl today!" The next day was the most miserable day of his life. He didn't talk to a single person, he often thought about just running. Not knowing where he was going, but running. Maybe to Japan, maybe 3 feet ahead of where he was. 69 days went by. Every single day was worse than the day before. At 4:20 on the 69th day, his best friend, Fronk called. "What the hell is with you lately?!" Fronk asked. The boy replied, "I lost my mojo, man! The night of the show, I didn't get a girl to 'love'! My life is over!" Fronk then thought about that night...Then he realized and said, "YOU'RE A MORON! YOU SMOKED A POUND OF MARIJUANA BY YOURSELF THAT NIGHT! For once you were focused on hatemoshing and punching dudes in the face for once in your life!" The boy replied, "Holy shit! You're right, bro!"

The End.

Written By: The Drummer