Sunday, September 25, 2011

Return to the Weekend

There are as usual a pile of things I'd like to blog about, but there are a pile of reasons why I'm not going to too.  There are time constraints and peoples lives and hearts to consider.  There are opinions of mine that are just far too opinionated to put out here for all of you to go getting bothered over. 

There are attitudes and dramas and he said/she saids.  There are assumptions and decetptions and games.  There are sports and kids and homework assignments.  There are chores and jobs and commitments.  There are surprises and joys and laughter's.  There are foods and books and drinks. There are pets and kids and friends.

So many things that could be blogged about.  But for today, you'll just have to rest assured that it was a full weekend.  It was busy and lazy, dramatic and understated.  It was packed full. 

I'll be back to the regularly scheduled program on Monday.