Monday, September 26, 2011

Return To Monday

No one loves a Monday.  Especially one that comes too early and wears rain and wind and bluster.  The coffee seems bitter and the tantrums and dramas start all over again right where they left off.  Permission slips and brown bag lunches line the counter.  Write a letter.  Read the partnered Bible chapters.  Dinner in the crock pot, laundry in the washer.  Newspaper read. 

Check.  Check.  Check.

Monday morning.  It's filled with routines.  It's filled with quiet slow to-do's and catch ups. 

It's dull.  It's blah.  It's ordinary.

It's especially ordinary when it comes on the heels of a full and lively weekend or when, better yet, it's squished in between the finished full weekend and the hope of next fun full weekend. 

Monday's are maybe the days to find the delights in the job done.  Maybe they are the best days for looking down the list of yucky junk that needs to be done and being able to fall into the sofa at 11PM and know you've marked off a lot of it.  These are the days of dust, vacuum and clean bathrooms.  They are the clean fridges and wiped down baseboards.  They are the washed windows and straightened up recycling boxes. 

Monday's are days of action, even when it's the slow and steady of get it done, take the next step, get it done, check it off, do the next thing.  It's the day of decisions and actions.  It's the play out of all those weekend discussions and prayers and dreams and plans.  The calls get made, the action plans pinned down in all their details, the emails sent and the "grown up" stuff just plain done.  Monday is all about stepping up.

The last of the weekend gets cleared off the deck.  Paper plates back in the cabinet and games back to the shelves. Movies put away and shoes back to their shelves.  Mondays are pay your bills and do the dishes and walk the dog. 

None of that makes a Monday a bad thing, it just makes it not a Saturday. 

What are your Monday's like?