Monday, September 19, 2011

Return to Lost

Once again, I am that mom.  Yup, that one.

It's a day before the field trip and I'm thinking ok, an hour left of quiet, I'll read the packet so I can be ready. 

I can't find the stinking packet of papers anywhere.

It's not the first papers I've "lost" and I say lost in quotes because usually they aren't actually lost, they just aren't where I thought they would be. I do this a lot with paper.

It's an organizational issue.  I know.  I've spent the last 20 or more years trying to not have this issue.  Sometimes with great success and sometimes with none.

It's a cycle with me. 

I can be very organized and go through long stretches where nothing gets misplaced, but then I always return to a place where papers are missing and turn up much later in an unexpected place.  

So yeah, tomorrow I'll show up on time for the field trip, but I'll be that mom.  The one who doesn't have her packet and hasn't read it.

Do you misplace papers and where is the strangest place you've ever found the misplaced papers?