Sunday, October 9, 2011


Life is filled with transitions.  We are always moving from one thing to another, or at least we should be.  If our lives are stagnant and unchanging, I believe we should be very afraid, because when change comes, it will hit like a truck.  If we live in cycles and refuse to see them or change them, we let ourselves live in a horrible place.  We learn to thrive on garbage instead of life.

We should be ever learning, ever growing.  We should be dreaming and planning and constantly evaluating where we are in our lives and where we think we want to end up. 

We should recognize and give ourselves grace over the fact that life doesn't follow a straight path.  Our dreams and goals change and grow as we do. 

Often we get to what we thought we wanted and realize, it's not the thing at all. 

What happens next is what counts. 

Do we stop, paralyzed with all the what if's and what does it mean that I feel like my dream or goal changed?  Do we wander in fear over what some person might think or how we believe they are going to judge us? 

Or do we realize there is probably a reason why our dreams shifted, try to sort it out a bit and keep going forward, whatever the new direction of forward towards that dream is?  Do we stop dead in our tracks over how someone else might judge us or do we realize the only one to truly judge us is HIM and the judgement for doing nothing when HE has asked something of us is way harsher than any mortal slap in the face from some judgemental busy body, or even a loved one who means well.

Life is a between. 

Every choice could be a right or wrong one.  There is no absolute certain way to know that if you do x then for certain y will be the outcome and if we choose z we will certainly feel h.  That's where that whole crazy trust God thing comes in to play.

But you know what, I'm real good and handing it all out and I know I'm real bad at taking my own "advice".  It's in quotes cause we all know what kind of advice I hand out.  And I know I'm real bad at taking my own advice because I get told it all the time. 

But it's a blog folks, a magical, fantastical cross over of life, skewed reality, truth and fiction. 

Good night Sunday, it's almost Monday.