Monday, October 10, 2011

Where I Am and Where I Want To/Should Be

I am standing between the point of ready, set, go and why bother.

There are a lot of places in my life right now where that is where my feet are planted.

Novel.  I have an idea, I'm excited, go and yeah, don't have anything ready and organized ahead that I wanted to have done so why bother, by December I'll be way behind and frustrated in a whole pile of areas.

Friends.  I love them, I listen(and give way too much advice), go and why bother.  I can't help.  I can't fix it.  I seem to be more stumbling block and anchor than wings to fly.

Kids.  They seem like they have it pulled together, they seem happy, go and oh wait, every one's in tears again and transitions suck and whoa, why do we do this again?

Foster Kids.  We love him, we love him hard, go and 4 more days and he's gone forever.  Let's find all "his" stuff around our house and toss it in a box or two for a Monday pick up.  Let's focus on who might come next.

General Stuff.  We're making healthy eating progress, we're keeping our chores up to date, go and we just ate out again and just had junk for dinner and the house is a pit again and forget it, we're going to watch TV.

What stuff in your life are you between?