Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Bye Little T

Tonight will be my own special favorite kind of life distraction.  A house full of kids.

I'll have my 3 forever kids tonight.  I'll have my Little T for his last night with us.  I'll have Quiet Man for his first night with us.  I'll have my friends 3 kids so they can have an adult night.

Little T seems to know.  Last night was unusual.  He stayed up past all the other kids.  He took turns snuggling up with The Mr. and I, finally falling asleep in The Mr.'s arms.  He gave lots of hugs and kisses.  Not his typical night.  He never sits on my lap or gives me kisses, but I got a ton last night.  It was his gift, his goodbye. 

Kids are cool like that.  They know stuff.

And so tonight, The Mr. and I will fill the house with the sounds of little people instead of putting them all to bed and listening to the quiet of "the last night".  It's the best medicine.  Keeping busy and keeping the house full, keeping your heart full.

Life has cliche's because they ring true.

"Don't cry because it ended, rejoice because it happened."

It was a blessing to love you Little T, and we will miss you and always remember you.