Monday, October 31, 2011


1 teenage vampire
1 foot ball player zombie
1 princess fairy vampire

2 hours of trick or treating
The Mr. got 2 adult treats!  A full size candy bar and an adult beverage.

I gave away almost 6 of the 50+ piece bags of candy this year.

I only saw 2 Angry Bird costumes.
No costumes that actually scared me this year.
2 dogs in costume.

1 pizza before trick or treat
1 pizza after trick or treat

3 pillow cases of candy-enough to cover my kitchen table
1 bag of goodies donated to Chicklet

8 jack-o-lanterns

10 diaper wipes to remove all the make up

lots of kids so young I was nervous giving them candy---hope their parents are eating it and the babies aren't choking on it

almost every single kiddo said thank you, loud and clear

Tomorrow--3 kids in school with candy hang overs!

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