Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Miss Speaks

Because I'm between good ideas, I will instead share with you some of what Little Miss has to say about kindergarten so far.

When I ask her if she likes it, she just says yeah, and rolls her eyes.  She loves the kids and most of her day, but  at the same time, it is boring to her. 

"Art is mean because they make you stay in your area even when something interesting is happening someplace else."

"Today was cool mom, we had cup cakes and throw up!"  How I wish you could have seen the look of awe on her face as she told me about this one.

Her latest came after a field trip to the petting farm/pumpkin patch.  "We picked a pumpkin, petted a kitten, milked a cow, fed a goat and saw a donkey POOP!!!!"

Oh the high lights of kindergarten.

Today, she had to wear a shirt with a pattern on it for their pattern study unit in class.  She didn' have any shirts with stripe patterns on them, so we raided the box of boy clothes for one.  Thank goodness for older brothers!  She, however, was miffed.  She had been protesting since the night before that her teacher couldn't tell her what to wear and now we added on that the shirt was her brothers.

She came stomping down the steps in it and declared, "this shirt smells like throw up!"

I can only imagine what else she will say this year!

What crazy things have your kids said to you so far this school year?

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