Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chili With Pumpkin

Honestly, today, I'm not very motivated. 

To tell you a story.  To do my dishes or run my vacuum.  To get dressed and leave my house.

I'm not motivated to do much of anything today.

I think it's the weather. 

It's one of those disgusting fall days in Wisconsin.  It's cold and wet and windy.  I was going to say blustery, but that's an understatement lost on anyone not here right now.

It's windy enough and gross enough outside, that football practice got called off.

That. Never. Happens.

We all come home tonight with no homework.  Chili has been doing it's bubble and mingle all day in the crock pot.  Dry wood is piled up by the fireplace.  Blankets are on the sofa and kids have been in pj's since 4.  Disney moves playing in the VCR.

The wind howls and whips past the windows.  The neighbors pumpkin blows bye.

I'm not motivated.

I am, however, blessed and content.

How will you settle in these dark, cold fall afternoons?

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