Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Premature Announcements

In the land of foster care it is pretty much always premature to accept any information as something that is actually going to happen, but because it's my life, I'm going to anyway.  I also recognize that this is not the best way to make "announcements" and such, but on the other hand, most of you who are connected to us in our live life actually do stop by here now and again to read up on what we're up to, so in a way, it's a good way to reach you all.

November didn't contain enough for me, it seems.  I was planning to spend some time kind of thinking through last November and all that held for me.  Little One left us, Chicklet came in.  I wrote a book and wrecked my van.  It was a lot to process.

I was also planning to write again this November.  I had a much more ambitious novel planned for this time.  Last year was a bit of a lets just see if I can do it effort, this year, I've been thinking.   Hee hee hee.

It seems that this November we are going to expand our family again. 

"It's a boy!!"

We have been doing some "visits" with a little guy I'm going to nick name Mr. Monkey.  He is a delight and needs a forever home. 

We have agreed to be that home. 

If everything lines up in the strange world of foster care, he will move in here in mid November and become a part of our forever family.

And yeah, another boy. 

I know, I know.  The next ones after him have to be girls or Little Miss is going to be one major tom boy!! 

It is what it is.  A God planned family. 

I am excited and hopeful and preparing for challenge.  Mr. Monkey is like all the others.  He comes with "stuff" and we're all going to have to work hard at this thing called love and family. 

I'm also adjusting my expectations for November.  I think I'll be doing a whole lot less quiet reflecting and a whole lot more hands on busy.  I am still planning to take my best shot at writing this novel too. 

What are your November plans???

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