Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Text Me

 I like to text with people.  I like being able to slow down the pace of conversation and take a little more time to think through the responses I give.  I like to communicate by written word.  I think I am more clear in print than in person.

One of my boys also loves to text.

We use it in a unique way.

After I tuck him in at night, the texts begin.

Sometimes it's a simple good night mom, I love you.

Sometimes, it's the opening line of a story.

We text back and forth, taking turns, creating the story until one of us brings it to it's end.

Secretly I think it's incredibly cool.

The other way this boy and I use texting is to review and study for tests.

I take his study guides and I text him questions.  He texts back the answers.  It's good study because its both reading and writing and it's low pressure because we don't have to be right on top of each other and doing the quiz thing.

How do you text with your kids?

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