Monday, November 28, 2011

Hand Me Downs

The prompt today at NaBloPoMo is about family heirlooms.  Do you have one and what's it's significance?

I'm going to say no.

I do have a few things that have been handed down, but I don't know that I'd call them heirlooms.  I'm not certain exactly why I wouldn't call them heirlooms, but I guess I just wouldn't.  They have been handed down in a way, but not exactly something passed through generations.

I guess our families just aren't like that.

I have two sets of china.  Both belonged to grandparents.  One set, my grandparents, the other set The Mr.'s grandparents.

PS.  They match beautifully.

We have a piano that came from a great grandparent.

A cedar chest.

An old doll.

That about covers it.

I think maybe an heirloom is something that holds a significant emotion to it.

I enjoy these things and I love the knowing of them, that they were grandma's or great grandpa's, but I have no memory of them before they were in my home and belonging to me.

Tell me about your heirlooms.

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