Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wrapped In Music

Hat tip to NaBloPoMo today for their blog prompt.  Can you listen to music and write? What was the last song you heard?

The short answer to the question is yes.


Yes.  I almost can't imagine writing in silence.  It happens now and again, but it's exceptionally rare for me.

My whole life seems to be bathed in music.  I write with music.  Lots of music.  All kinds of music.  Usually very loud music.

I like loud.  I am that person with the headphones that you can hear my music.  And I don't care that you can hear it.  I really don't.  

And I don't care that you think my music choices are odd either.  I have wide and varying listening capacities.  There are lots and lots and lots of things I like to listen to.

I love when people "give" me music.  You know, those go listen to this or that or here's a play list.  I love it.

Inventions like Pandora delight me ridiculously.

Now, depending on what I'm working on for writing, I listen to different things.

When I'm blogging, I tend to be early in my day so the radio is still on in my house and I'm just listening to whatever station is on.  It's usually a pop station, but sometimes country makes it way into my house, it's rare though, and lately almost never.

When I'm working on something big, like a novel, either writing or revision, it's one of two things.  I either flip on the iPod and listen to one of the play lists I have or I head straight for Pandora.  I have my favorites.  I'd start listing, but it would just take way to long.

Silence is good.  It has it's place and I spend time with it often enough, but the majority of my life is wrapped in music.  I wouldn't want it any other way.

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