Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift or Trash

This month has been focused on gifts over at NaBloPoMo and up until now, I don't think I would have said that gifts were a sore spot for me, but now, I'm rethinking.

I think maybe they are for me.

We've written about gifts we gave that weren't well received.  I've written about the ever present gift card and if it's good or bad.  Today we're thinking about handmade gifts.

As I started thinking about the gifts I've made and given and how they've bombed over the years, it's a little depressing.  Add that on to the gifts I've bought and given that bombed and I think I've come to realize something.

I'm just a bad gift giver.

I pick the wrong stuff.  I give the wrong things.  My choices are bad choices.  All the way around, I pretty much just don't do the gift thing the right way.

It means I owe my friends and family decades of apology.

I give stupid dorky home made junk.  I forget special events and miss significant dates.  I wound with cheap cards and unwanted gift cards.

As I'm making this years home made disasters, I'm realizing I'm the queen of giving the gift that gets tossed into the trash can in the garage.  I give those gifts that leave the trunk and go straight to the garbage bin.  I'm sure a few have been kept for the envious white elephant party.

It's OK.  I know I stink at this.  I've always been the bad gift giver.  As far back as I can remember, I've always picked the wrong stuff.

So this is my holiday, I'm sorry I've given you years of bad gifts.  I'm sorry that I'll be giving you yet another bad gift in two weeks.

bah humbug

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rufers54 said...

Just for the record, I really liked the gift you gave me last year! And gifts of time have to be included in the list of things you give (along with coffee) I'm not the only one who appreciates that!