Friday, January 6, 2012

Maybe There Is Good Bye After All

The measure of a man?  Of a life well lived?  Of a well lived life?

Pretty much standing room only tonight at Bob's funeral.

As I looked around the crowded room, there were faces I sort of recognized and many that I didn't.  There were a few that I did know.  A hand full of the class of '89.  (Thanks Kelly for helping me find my way in and not leaving me standing in the door.)

What I did see clearly in that room full of faces, was your beautiful soul.

I saw the lives you touched and the love you gave.

We heard it in the music.  (Nathan, thanks is not enough.)

And driving home I knew how to say good by.  You won't be forgotten, not with a room full of lives touched by yours.

All that love.

You loved all of us with an open hand, kept us and let us go as we needed.

And so in the same way, I let you go, not to be forgotten, but to give us both peace.

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