Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Do You Do In A Weekend?

Got one kid finished at one school and ready to start at the next one.
One kid read the Pledge at school.
One kid had baseball practice.
Had family burgers & fries night.
Watched WWE with the boys.
Took The Teen shopping for jeans.
Took The Jock shopping for jeans.
Gave time out to The Teen.
Required everyone to take a nap.
Family pizza & movie night--Real Steal
Wine, The Mr. & Fast Times at Ridgemont High
A very nice online chat with an old high school friend.
Pictures from long ago.
Lots of time outs.
Baseball practice.
Games between kids and The Mr.
Took The Diva shopping for her father/daughter dance outfit, sheesh.
Family Sunday Dinner.
Fireplace time.

In between we did all the regular stuff too, like sick kids and bed time issues.  There were video games and outdoor play times.  We read stories.  We cleaned stuff.  We watched TV.  We yelled.  We laughed.  We prayed.  We took pictures.  I'd say we payed our bills and worked on our taxes, but in reality, The Mr. does that stuff.  Me and math is a great big old joke.  I did some writing, worked on my Bible study and read part of a book.  Siblings have been siblings.

I'm sure there was plenty of other stuff, like our forgetful dog that went in and out about 12 times in an hour this morning.  I swear she was having a moment of, "now why did I come out here again?"  You should have seen the look on her little hound face.

So, here's the million dollar question.
What did you do this weekend??

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