Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where, Oh Where, Has Our Blog Writer Gone?

Well, I've been here.  Living life.  Sometimes that living doesn't leave you much time for blogging, or it's living that really shouldn't be blogged.

As a foster family, a certain part of our life can't be blogged.  That part of our lives has been very time consuming as of late.  It is a part of the program that I don't love.  Piles of paperwork and hours of phone calls.  

Another part of real life is sick kids and sick moms.  We've had both for a while now.  The kids are taking turns being sick and I have been down for just over 2 weeks now.  That drag on the body slows the mind and keeps me from the blog.  I'm almost ready to give in and go to the clinic.  

Still another part is when you have to finally make those calls and be that mom.  That's another one of the places I got to in the last two weeks.  A certain situation at one of the schools involving one of the kids finally hit that place of needing a much larger intervention than just a mamma talking to a teacher.  Sigh.  Principal meetings are not my strength, but a mamma has to what she has to do for her kids, even when it's out of her comfort zone.  

I've had a few blogs that are perking in my brain.  I've written and rewritten, deleted and started again and I just haven't quite gotten it to the part where it actually says on paper what it says inside my mind.  It is often my dilemma.  In my mind the idea, the feeling, is super clear and yet I can't get it to the paper the way I want it to be.  So, I'm working on it.  Slowly.  

So that's the compact version of where I've been.  Mostly on the sofa with my tea and tissues, loading up on vitamins and chicken soup, catching a nap where I can and keeping life moving along as smoothly as possible and as close to normal as it gets when the mamma gets sick.  

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