Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dear Valentine

Hello Mr.
Yes, this one's gonna be personal.
We've been playing this game for more than 20 years now, for you detail people it's 20 years married this fall and 6 years dating.  More math.  I'm 40.  That's a lot of my life.
Our 20 plus years have not all been easy or peaceful or romantic.  Some years have been down right hard and painful and ugly.
We are crazy different as individuals, but tied together with the cord of the Lord we make a great whole.
Your capacity and gifting for seeing the future and planning for it, gives me the gift of peace.  I don't worry because you plan.
Your attention to details and discipline to finish things and follow through gives me the gift of being flighty and creative.  I have freedom because you have the details.
Your hard work day after day, year after year, pays the bills and then some.  You give me the gift of being a stay home mom.
Your dedication to our children and all the "extra" ones we open our home to gives them an amazing earthly example of a loving living father.
Your complete commitment to your Heavenly Father teaches them day in and day out by the very way you live your life.
I am proud of you.
I appreciate all you do.
I am thankful every day for you.
I am honored to be your wife.
I love you Mr., here's to many more Valentines.

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