Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April, Short & Dirty

April is a funny weird little month tucked into the world of the year.  It's sometimes winter, sometimes spring, once in a great while puts on a little summer.  It's short and just sort of shoved in there.  It harbors a few holidays.

It's a month of awareness.  It's Autism awareness month.  Go wear something blue.  It's child abuse awareness month.  They probably have a color or ribbon or something.  Just go be nice to a kid. It's Sexual Assault Awareness month.  I don't even know what to say there.  Don't rape people?  I can't believe we have to say that.  Sigh.  It's Mathematics Awareness Month.  I'm aware that I suck at math.  It's Distracted Driver Awareness Month.  Put your phone down.  I'm totally guilty.  It's Stress Awareness month.  All these different awareness' are making me stressed.

April is also National Poetry Month.

Poetry is often born of pain and passion.  A survivors tale.  Let me give you one of my own.  Free verse.  First draft.
truth comes like a tirade off my tongue
bitter, of course
flying out past my brain
pushed by passion

she adjusted her eyes just past focus
to the blur
that's where the pain rides the blades edge
and kisses pleasure

take it all back in a heartbeat
say it all over again in a blink

it crushes
it wounds

it's fine
it's ok

i speak your language
translating fine is closer than second nature
it's like breathing

breathing in as glass shatters
against the wall
across the room

breathing out as the
silence crowds out

breathing in
eyes closed
music louder than life

ink blood flows
wrists ache

It's April.  Be aware.  Life is happening.  Your life is happening.  Go write a poem.  I dare you.

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