Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sit a Spell: What if it's Simple?

I don't know this lady.  I read her from a friends link.  I didn't read a single other post at her blog.  Just this one.  And I'm filled with a jumping up and down YES!

I feel like I've been saying things in this vein for years.

We believe this is a living God right?  Beyond our comprehension right?  Miracles and wonders.

The command is love.  Love is an action.  A hands on people action.  Not a study hall action.  I'm not diss-ing the smart folks that help us out with their smart-acle thoughts cause we all need them too.


Isn't it about walking the walk?  Living the LIFE.  Loving with THE LOVE.

I think maybe, just maybe, it is.

Go read it.  It's worth your time.  Promise.

Sit a Spell: What if it's Simple?

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