Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did You Know?

I am in a mental standstill writing wise these days, so today I will give you a hand full of random useless bits of information about me.

  • I learned how to use a lighter.  Yesterday.
  • As much as I love being with people, I really love solitude and quiet.
  • There are constantly stories running through my brain.
  • I love email and texting and technology and all that even though I can't use most of it efficiently, but I loathe the way the schools use it.  I don't like Parent Connect and Web Grader.  I find them difficult and time consuming to navigate.  Can't we just have paper report cards and simply shoot each other emails directly?  sigh
  • I enjoy staple guns.  The thunk is so very satisfying.
  • I feel like I can still "read" people by looking at them.  Like, sometimes, I just know things about them by listening and watching and seeing what they think no one can see.  
  • I doubt that I will ever feel my actual age.  I'm thankful for that.
  • I like art.  A lot.  Galleries and museums are fantastical places to me.
  • Music is a running soundtrack in my life--even though I like quiet.
  • 5 is my number and purple is my color and Escape by Calvin Klein is the perfume I've been wearing since 1990-something. 

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