Friday, September 21, 2012

Yes...and No

Friday, September 21, 2012
Do you think you're good at seeing the world through another person's eyes?

I think in some ways I am great at seeing the world through another person's eyes.  It's called being a mom.  Even deeper, being a foster mom.  On another angle, it's called being a writer.  Except those eyes are usually and typically the eyes of imaginary people.  

I like to think I'm good at reading a person through their eyes.  Well maybe not completely through their eyes, but that is certainly a part of it and odd because I don't like to look people in the eye all that much.  It's the combination though, eyes, words, body language, the all tells a story.  If you really watch a person, especially one that trusts you, their unspoken will tell you so much more than their words.  

The combination paints the picture of the whole.  

People will say one thing and mean something else.  They will tell you a half-truth and their body will tell you the whole.  

Some people sense it all very easily.  Some never notice it at all.

It can be overwhelming at times, especially when it's a huge group of people or something where people have very intense feelings.  Sometimes it can be hard to hear the words a person is saying because of what they are leaving unspoken.  

It's complicated.  People are.  

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