Friday, October 12, 2012

It Used to be Getting By, Now It's Cool

I'll confess, I spend some time on Pinterest...and Tumblr...and StumbleUpon.  Clearly I have too much free time, or I fail to use time wisely.  Clearly I have a short attention span.

It's like mental junk food.  You can't have one handful.  Soon you have a whole bowl of the stuff.

It jogs the mind a little and sometimes that is what I need to get the writing going; to see something completely out of my normal or unexpected.

Sometimes, I just see stuff that bugs me.

One of the trends I don't understand right now is ombre.  I especially don't understand it on hair.  It used to be that when your hair looked like that, it was because you were growing a color out or you were broke and couldn't afford to keep up your color.  Now it's cool and someone pays to do it on purpose.  A lot of times when I see it done on things like furniture or clothes it just looks faded to me.  Not that long ago if your clothes looked like that you got mocked, now it's cool.  On nails, I guess it's interesting, but seriously, who has time to do all those multi step manicures or the money to pay for them?  I don't.

The other thing that bugs me right now is mason jars.  Photo after photo with people oohing and ahing over a drink or food in a mason jar.  I don't get it.  That's how I lived when I was in college and had no money.  Not that long ago it was the mark of not having money when you served drinks in old mason jars, now it's hip and chic.

Pretty soon we're going to see shelves made from bricks and boards again.  Then it will be some version of milk crate shelves.

I guess it all just goes to prove those old corny cliches hold some grain of truth, right?  Everything old is new again.

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