Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Zombie Kids

Today on Facebook, I learned that my kids are zombies.

Last night we kept the older two up and watched some scary movies.  Then we went to bed.

Overnight we had no nightmares.  No one freaked out.

I am thankful, but I also wondered aloud on my Facebook, what that meant about my kids.  They weren't scared or even mildly disturbed.  Maybe it means the kids are pretty secure here.  Or maybe it means they have a good grasp on the idea that movies are pretend make-believe just for fun.

My favorite suggestion though, was that my kids are really zombies and that's why they weren't frightened in the slighted.

My kids being zombies would actually explain a lot of things around my house.

For example, several of my kids actively talk to themselves or have imaginary friends.  Very real vivid imaginary friends.

I often get up in the morning and find food and drinks out on the counter and table.  Someone gets up and eats in the middle of the night.  And they are a slob.

There are many mornings when I find one or more person sleeping somewhere other than where they went to bed or where their designated sleeping spot is.  I wonder about the wandering.

I find the TV on or books lying around.

Zombie evidence.  Mystery solved.  My kids are zombies.

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