Monday, October 8, 2012

Morning Aromas

I've been thinking about this for a little while now and thinking, oddly in my house, there aren't really any morning aromas.

I am often one of the first ones up in my house, but the coffee has finished brewing long before I make it to the first floor so it's smell is mostly gone.  Once in awhile I go outside to get the paper, but typically someone has done it for me.  If I go out, there is the early pre-daylight scent in the air.

The first two showers of the day happen on the lower level so I don't encounter any soapy clean smells.  No one cooks really.  Some of the kids do a little microwave breakfast, so there is the mingle of corn dog, maple sausage and pancake in the air.

There is no dog smell anymore and generally the toads don't stink unless you put your face in their box, which I do not.  Sometimes there might be a lingering odor of used pull ups, trash that should have been taken out the night before or dishes that should have been washed.  That just leaves me feeling guilty and behind the gun before I even begin.

Very rarely, if I'm the first person up, I can smell a faint lingering of cigarette smoke.  It's more common if I'm the last one to bed, very late at night.  No one else can smell it.  I've asked.  Just me.  I smell it.  But I smell cigarette smoke often. I can smell it in my car sometimes too. Maybe it's a phantom smell.  It's OK, either way, real or not, because oddly, it's a comfort to me.  It's an easy familiar scent.

I am old enough to have had relatives and a parent, that smoked until I was well into my teen years.  I came of age in the bars when people who didn't smoke, smoked while they drank and all bars had that haze, blue, gray blurry.

We knew it was bad, but it wasn't a bad-bad like it is now.

It's a scent that usually makes me smile a little, usually makes me breathe it in as deep as I can.

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