Friday, October 5, 2012

The Life & Times

It's another day and I need to tell you another story.  I don't have one.  I've been busy living and not spending much time daydreaming.  It happens.  Sometimes I have responsibilities.  I will give you snippets instead tonight.

I have 4 kids in 3 schools that have 4 different return times.  Yup.  It's tricky.  I have a sort of system and it mostly works.  Today, I was driving over to one of the schools to pick up Little Miss.  Typically while driving over there I see Little Mr. walking home.  I look for him, sort of.  He's a teen, so I don't watch all that closely.  He has a little habit of joining things after school, like drama, and not telling me until later, so I don't worry right away if I don't see him.

Today I saw a kid walking down the sidewalk and he made me laugh.  He was wearing what I thought was a bright orange Halloween mask.  I thought it was great.  Here's this kid walking by himself, totally enjoying the upcoming holiday.  I laughed about his style.  As I drove closer, that kid started to wave at me.  Then I laughed harder.  It was Little Mr.  He was wearing his new science lab neon orange goggles over his glasses on his walk home.

Tonight was supposed to be "nacho & nightmare night".  We did have nachos.  Spicy nachos.  Habanero guacamole.  Jalapeno black beans.  Queso.  Salsa.  Beer, mostly because I was too lazy to make margaritas.

We aren't watching a horror movie either.  Little Mr. went to his friends house for pizza and Magic.  The Mr. came home and declared more baseball.

See, the fall ball ended on Sunday.  All told Littlest Mr. played roughly 40 games in his last regular season and fall ball season.  Tonight, in the frigid 40's outside, the team had baseball practice.  About 2 hours worth.  These kids tried out for the team in August.  They start practicing now.  Soon they will move their practice indoors, then come early spring, they'll head back outside.  Then the games and tournaments will begin.

In between we watch baseball on TV.  On our iPad.  We play baseball math games and baseball board games.  Baseball Wii happens.  We read baseball books.  Generally all things in our house get related to baseball in one way or another.  It's a long season.

Little Miss still dresses herself with a sense of style that I can barely put into words.  It's sort of like Crayola meets glitter princess meets acid trip.  Her extensions come and go as she pulls them out.  We put her in the class with the "mean" teacher and she is loving every second of school this year.  I am grateful for teachers with clear rules, clear expectations, solid boundaries and definite consequences.

That's the life and times in our corner of the world.

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