Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time To Vote!!

No, no, not that vote!

This vote is way more important.

This vote will help determine where I live, think, eat, sleep, breathe and write for the next month!

I'm going to give you a number of choices...very vague choices.  They are vague because if they weren't then they would be stories I'd already written and I would know what was going to happen next.  These are ideas.  Mere wisps of ideas.  Sometimes a single sentence or less...

You pick one and leave your vote in the comments or on my facebook or text me or however the heck it is you communicate with me in life.  And yes.  Anonymous totally counts.  Try to vote only once.  No abstaining.  I need all the help I can get!

You must vote by the end of 10/31 as NaNoWriMo  starts 11/1.  50,000 words or more.  It's fun.  It's intense.  It's a killer way to pound out a novel by shutting out your inner editor.

And the nominees are:

  1. A sci-fi novel based on this piece, Jasmine
  2. a very humorous comedy on the strange idea of a mix up in identity landing my family in the White House...disclaimer--very fictionalized versions of ourselves
  3. a book depicting a group of people, maybe couples, maybe friends and their lives all being intertwined and connected by a love of bacon...working title "the bacon club" lol--yes, I make myself laugh a lot.
  4. two people in my life have "volunteered" themselves as book fodder saying, write our story, how we came to be in your life and how we have changed each others lives...again very highly fictionalized I think for every one's "protection".  It's a mean world out there and I love these people.
  5. an entire story--not sure what the actual story would be--told as text message exchanges
  6. something related to NYC, some piece of art, the phrase "NYC swallowed all my ideas, then a hurricane came and swallowed NYC"
  7. this is your space for a write in vote

Ready?  Set!  Vote.


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Anonymous said...

Combo of #4 & #5