Wednesday, November 28, 2012

People Snob?

Sometimes I don't understand myself.

I think maybe I am a people snob of sorts.

Today was a day of lots of socializing and reconnecting and meeting new people and such.  By the end, I was sincerely looking forward to coming home and being alone.

My phone refused to cooperate.  I almost kind of want to flush it.

All the while I'm thinking about how often I hear myself say, "I don't like people."

I've even had one of my kids say to me, when I was annoyed with the general population, "Wow Mom, you really don't like people at all, do you?"

And yet I sit here and tell you to play nice, love each other and all that stuff.

I do mean it.  I mean for us all to stop being mean to each other.  Give the other person some space to breathe and be alive in their own skin.  Stop judging and belittling.

I really do mean that we should all love each other.

Love isn't like though.  There are people I love that I really don't like very much.  It's sad, but true and I'm not perfect and that is how I feel.

Maybe more accurately, people exhaust me.

I don't understand why we go through all the effort to make so many things so hard or complicated or dramatic.  I don't understand why we go creating trouble when it will come to us soon enough.

Life is hard enough, without us being hard people.

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