Wednesday, November 7, 2012

True Colors

It seems that Facebook maybe a kind of litmus test, a strange kind of drunken my inhibitions are down and I'm gonna say what I really think or feel.

There was an election.  That's not news.  We've all been overloaded with it for a year now.  The last months Facebook has been a ridiculous place of children arguing and stomping their feet about how they are right and the other side couldn't possible have a grain of sand to stand on; everyone refusing to see the possibility that there could be other perspectives or that other perspectives do not equal evil perspectives.

It's a truth in life that people can hold different perspectives or opinions of the same subject and neither one of them is evil, completely wrong or doomed to either a living hell here in America or in eternity either.

As Christians we talk about our God.  A lot.  A God that is so much greater and bigger than anything we could ever entertain the possibility of comprehending.  We tout this.  We flaunt it.

Until their is something our small petty minds don't want to comprehend or understand.  Until there is something that went so far off the track we had planned and wanted that we declare it incomprehensible.

And then we declare it unGodly.

To me, that feels risky.  It's a little too close to the place where you tell God He is wrong or has made a mistake.  It doesn't feel safe to me to do that.

On the other hand, we say God gives us grace undeserved and unwarranted, unearned.  He forgives when we are mere humans and make mistakes, commit sins.

On that hand, we should be able to stand before God without fear and say, "Hey You, yes, You, You're doing it wrong!!"

The election is over.  I know, another news flash.

The drama on Facebook is not.

The children are back, still gnashing teeth and stomping feet.  Now there are tears and laments and accusations.  I read fear and worry over and over.

Didn't this same God tell us not to fear and worry?  Over and over in my Bible God tells us, do not be afraid, do not worry, do not fear.  He commands it.

I think this may be a little clue why so many have such less than positive feelings about Christians.

We use our Bibles like statisticians use their data.  Pick and choose, manipulate to make sure our point of view, our agendas are the "right" ones, the "supported" ones.

I think it makes Christians look stupid for lack of a better word.

Even the quieter Christians, running around with all the practiced catch phrases of "it doesn't matter who got elected, our God is still King" and all the variations of that, come across as somehow smug and less than genuine.

I remember reading in my Bible that we shouldn't be making a show of ourselves when we fast, but rather rub oil on our faces so our neighbors wouldn't think anything was out of the ordinary.  I remember reading not to pray in the streets and make show of this faith we claim, but rather close ourselves quietly in our prayer closet and pray.

Take this as you will, for you will after all, we are all a foolish, stubborn people.

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