Monday, December 17, 2012

One Week to Go, Grinch at an All Time Low

I'm ready to confess.  I am almost not Grinch-y.  Almost.

The doing part of Christmas got started early this year and so it hasn't felt like a crazy time crush.

At the start of the month we flipped on the Christmas music.  It helped a little.

The tree came up from the basement right after Thanksgiving and the decorations went up.

Treats started getting made--and eaten--right at the start of December.

We got our little e-copy of Jotham's Journey and our dollar store candles.  Advent is happening.

Surprises have been purchased.  I'm almost hopeful that this time will be the time the kids love their gifts.

Surprises have been set in motion.  Reservations made.  Attendance offices notified.  Teachers emailed.  I'm excited for the memories we are going to go create.

And just to add to the fun, we're checking out our doggie adoption options.  I'm hopeful we're getting close to the "ones" meant for us, even if they aren't exactly what we thought we had in mind.

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