Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Over the last few months I've blogged a little randomly and quite honestly, very boringly.  But it's January.  A new year.  New stuff happens.  We have a new puppy.  We are going to make some old habits new again.  All the regular stuff.  Anyway.  Like the rest of the world, I have a new app and so I thought you could benefit-maybe-here from it.  Hopefully, daily, you will get a new and unusual or at least interesting story or something here from it.

It was windy.  January was always like that.  Cold and windy.  So windy that it was painful, thought the college professor as he made his way across the parking lot.  He was on his way to the courtroom.

He carried his briefcase stuffed full of papers, but he wasn't sure why.  None of the papers had anything to do with his time in the courtroom.  A part of him thought half-heartedly that there might be a delay and he could grade more papers, the rest of him knew he wouldn't.  He would just sit there, waiting, staring at the wall and thinking.

That's all he could do these days.  Sit, stare and think.  He couldn't find a single way to make sense of what happened.

They told him over and over to not spend a lot of time thinking about things.  They wanted him to be able to tell the story fresh.  He needed to be able to answer the questions without seeming to be lost and searching for the "right" things to say or not say.

He didn't mean to sit around thinking about it, but, he just couldn't help himself.

Really now, he thought again, who does something like that with 25 lb. hand weights?  It was so unnatural, so disturbing.

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Mind Of Mine said...

Interesting post, I look forward to reading more in 2013, keep it up.