Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trifecta Challenge

3: to continue to function or prosper despite : withstand

“She’s just a puppy, just a puppy,” I mutter under my breath, this New Year’s mantra.
A Jekyll and Hyde puppy I think to myself.
Her list of offenses is long; potty on the rug, eats hats and gloves, snacks on used tissues, whines in the night, runs through the house like a deranged hyena on speed, barks at blenders and pendulum clocks, and on and on and on.
She is cute though, with her pretty face and “Bunny” nickname.  She is getting good at leash walking and lets us grab her toys from her mouth and her bowl from her while she eats.
“Drop it!” I yell, as I open her mouth and remove my shiny new black patent leather high heal.
“She’s just a puppy,” I mutter yet again, “I will survive the puppy years,” I say, still muttering and tossing my shoe in the trash, “even if my shoes don’t.”


Anonymous said...


Dawn Lamond said...

Hehe, nice use of the word survive in the humor twist at the end :D

kymm said...

Oh for the puppy years!

Stephanie B. @B4Steph said...

Great take on the prompt! The puppy years do require patience and at the end you do deserve a t-shirt that says just that: I Survived the Puppy Years!

Trifecta said...

Cute take on the prompt. It reminds me of So wrong, but so funny.

Draug said...

lol This is why I prefer cats (:

Atreyee said...

So cute-love the part"like a deranged Hyena on speed",lol!Am terrified of all these things & that's why wouldn't let my daughter get a puppy or any other pet-in an apartment it gets claustrophobic! Good writing:-)