Friday, January 4, 2013

Writing Prompts

Slowly, painfully, I began to become aware.  My head was aching like a bad hangover except I couldn't remember being at a party. Without opening my eyes, I ran my fingers through my hair finding it matted and sticky.

What is going on, I thought to myself.

I tried to open my eyes only to be met with blinding light and a spinning room.

"Ugh," I sighed, "this must be a migraine."

Odd that I can't remember it starting, I thought to myself.

There was a low humming sound somewhere near me and I could just make out a small unrelenting beep.  This time my eyes opened to a dim room.  Underneath me was cold steal, hard and unrelenting.  My head was throbbing now but nothing was spinning.  I sat up, shocked at my shaking muscles and the cold sweat covering me.

"I must be sick," I mumbled to myself, "having some kind of fever delusions."

How strange, I thought, this dream smells like baby powder.

The humming and beeping was getting louder as I sat there trying to remember where I was.  Soon the beep was so loud, it forced me to turn my head.

Standing before me was a large robot, gleaming and blinking.  The beeps were coming from a small computer in his hands.  He was clearly a robot, but a very human-ish robot.  Just as I was beginning to grasp the thought of a man-bot standing in front of me, his mouth began twitching and words tumbled out.

"A talking robot!!" I shouted in spite of myself.  I had wanted desperately to protect myself by presenting the image of calm and self-control, not even entirely certain why I felt the need to protect myself or from what.

"Very bright specimen indeed," came the reply to my shout.

I stared at him as he made a circle around me, clicking away at the machine in his hand.

"Please forgive my manners," he said grandly, if not a little synthetically, "when you arrive and awaken in another galaxy, we try hard to assimilate you gently, however your injuries, and for those we are deeply ashamed and embarrassed, have prevented us from doing so.  The pains and discomforts will vanish in short time for you, again, my apology."

I simply nodded my aching head, unable to utter a word to this thing in front of me.  Sitting there in this awkward silence, my stomach let out a loud growl.  With a gentle whisking sound, his hand was outstretched in front of me, offering my choice of five hard candies.  They glowed with an eerie red-blue glow.

Somehow, without wanting to or meaning to, I reached out and took one, mumbling thanks as I stuck it in my mouth.  The flavor was beautiful, like a field of flowers at dusk on a summer night.  I felt instantly warm and relaxed as I laid back down on the steal table, my eyes closing and darkness washing over me.

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