Monday, March 18, 2013

Who Wants an Idea?

I pretty  much learn something new daily, often not by choice, just simply because that's how life is.  You live, you do things, you interact with people and so on, and that by default exposes you to new things and so generally you learn something new whether you want to or not.

I fully admit to being bossy and controlling and all that kind of stuff.  I like things done my way-who doesn't-and I will admit to having perhaps a too healthy sense of confidence in my choices.  I'm generally believe my ideas are good ones and I'm going to use them.

However, that doesn't mean that I'm not open to other ideas or willing to listen to them.

We have been treating ourselves to some Dunkin' Donuts now and again, as a new shop has opened near our home.  It's a fun treat.  It was an incentive to one of my kids.  He worked hard to earn enough allowance to use a coupon and get the family a dozen for a Saturday morning breakfast treat.  They make some yummy donuts and we enjoy them wholeheartedly.

This Saturday, while we munched and chatted I had an idea about a new kind/flavor donut.  Today I tried to pass on the idea to Dunkin' Donuts.

Believe it or not, they said no.  No thanks.  We don't take ideas.  We don't need your suggestions.


I'm almost speechless over it.  But not blog-less.

It seems pretty arrogant to me to say no, I don't even want to hear your idea.  It seems like bad customer service to not even say, sure, send it to this email, EVEN IF THEY SIMPLY DELETE that mail daily.

Um, yeah.  It's a donut.  Who cares.  I'll still be getting donuts there once in a while.  It's a nice cheap family treat.

I am going to send my idea elsewhere though...because it was a good idea.  Maybe Starbucks or Caribou wants it.

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