Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lockdowns and Bombs

This is a day where we blog about the insanity of this life. We tell each other to live this short life because you never know...

We admonish each other to love, love deeply and passionately and tell the people important to us in life, just exactly that, that they are important to us. Smile at strangers we say.

We sit in our cars or behind our desks or lie in our beds at night and wonder, who the hell blows up marathon runners and their fans? What did they ever do to anyone except maybe make you feel a little guilty for your own personal pudge and lack of willpower to push yourself physically the way they do?

Doesn't make sense.

It's a late painful spring around here.  We've been waiting and dreaming of it for a long time now.  We open our blinds in the morning hoping to see sun or green sprouts of anything. This weekend we found snow. Snow, while our kids are trying to practice for the summer baseball season.

It's a season we dream a little...

And then we flip the screen to our facebook and see the news alerts of a college campus lock down, blocks away because of a gunman.

When did Spring become the season to get your gun out and shoot people?
When did it become the season to kill?

Spring isn't the season of hate and violence.

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