Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey? Where Are You?

I get that alot.  What's happening? Where did you go? Why aren't you writing?

Um, because I'm living.

I thought I'd answer your questions in a different way.  I'm going to try to give you a 24/7 play by play of my everyday life for the next week.

It will come in spurts as I have time.  Sometimes they will be mobile posts so who knows how that will all work out.

Here goes friends.

It's Wednesday.  It's 7:45.  I've been up since 6.  I've had 1 1/2 cups of coffee.  Not nearly enough.  One kid is off to school already.  The other three are "getting ready" which means doing everything but.

I've done an intensive hour of parenting with the child who can't understand his situation and/or his feelings.  We successfully avoided injuries and destruction.  That's a win, a big win for us.  Usually he hurts himself and breaks something in the house.  Probably went well today because we had therapy yesterday.

One of the middle kids is just now making his card for his teacher.  It's appreciation week.  It was due Monday.  Today is when you bring the required fruit for the teacher.  Loved the extra shopping trips.  Thank you PTO.

Now we begin the Chinese firedrill of getting everyone ready and into the truck.  Then to school on time.  Combine it with The Mr. working from home and on a conference call.

Yup.  That's my morning so far.  The next hour is driving and drop offs.

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Mind Of Mine said...

I like the idea of a play by play of your day, especially when you stop and take the time to assess what some of the more mundane activities in your life can signify.