Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today, Part Two

Let's see.  I left off at 8:AM, now it's 10:PM.  This is my first real chance of sitting down and giving you the play by play.  That's an indicator of how fast it goes by around here.

On the way out the door the three kids each had tantrums, all individual and having nothing to do with each other.  They each have their labels, OCD, PTSD, RAD, ADHD, and on and on and on.  It helps make things fun.  Read that as sarcasm.  Please.

This was a "lucky" morning as the other two adults were home, unusual but welcome.  Chicklet handled the Puppy and The Mr. took one of the three while I dealt with the other two.

Eventually we all left and went to school.  We only had minimal tattling, whining and hitting on the ride.

Mr. Monkey is my hardest at this stretch and he managed to wander into school and pull off some good behavior first thing into the classroom.

That is a happy thing for me.  We don't have a lot of good with him right now, so every little bit is huge.

By 9:AM I was home.  Between 9 and 12, I showered, took the dog out a zillion times, ate breakfast, read and returned emails, made some lists and plans then hit the road.

I went to the clinic to pick up a form that I've been waiting for.  Then I took the form to the adoption worker.  From there I went to Ulta to get the magical Shea butter that keeps Little Miss from getting all chalky and ashy.

By 1:15 I'm gulping down a little lunch and getting settled for my mentor meeting.  I mentor a foster mom for a couple of hours a week.  We talk until 3, then I dash off to the elementary school to pick up two kids.

They are dismissed by 3:30 and we are home by 3:50.  Littlest Mr. is scrambling to be ready for his ride to baseball.  We aren't ready in time and they wait patiently.  By 4:05, they are on their way to the ballpark.

Chicklet and I make a dinner plan. I dig through Little Miss' backpack.  I talk to Little Mr. and wait for Mr. Monkey's bus.  Once he is dropped off, we do quick snacks and leave for the ballpark.

The baseball game is at 5:30  so the littlest two get concession stand dinners with the promise of push ups at home before bed if behavior is good.  The game is a nail biter and runs until almost 8.

When the game ends we come home, the kids have their push ups and get ready for bed.  Mr. Monkey gets his special tuck in prescribed by his therapist.  The Mr. and Littlest Mr. arrive and we pull out the pizzas Chicklet has ordered for the family.  The three adults and two older kids eat dinner.

After dinner it's bedtime for the older boys, one with a shower, one with drama.  The leftovers are put in the fridge and lunch boxes are packed.

I run out to the grocery store to get the things needed for the morning. I remember to make the list of things to do tomorrow and write the excuse note for tomorrow's appointment.

At 10:PM I sit down to update you and where I've been and what I've done all day.

I left out all the many conversations, text exchanges, emails and phone calls that happen in my day.

It will probably be another hour or more before I head to bed.  I would guess that I will sit or sleep in front of the TV for a little while.  Maybe take the dog out again.  Close windows, turn out lights, set clocks, check on all the kids and who knows what else before bed.

Tomorrow will be another day.

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